Chase The Wild Goose Hostel
Terms & Conditions
HOSTEL TERMS & CONDITIONS SUMMARY These conditions apply to your contract with us, the accommodation provider, and shall be relied upon in the event of any contest. They supersede any agency conditions. We operate an Advance Payment system - Fully paid beds are fully secure. Please note: we are a hostel for individuals and groups on holiday or attending events. We are not equipped to accommodate the Trades. If you are a tradesman/woman please contact us within 12 hours of booking for a full refund. CANCELLATION POLICY See 8. below. Please give as much notice as possible if you need to cancel your booking. Please see 'Cancellation' below. Here are a few things to help your stay with us begin smoothly: 1. GROUPS of 8 or more guests must pay in full 28 days in advance of stay. Whenever possible, outstanding balance payments shall be processed automatically from the card used to pay the deposit; 2. ARRIVAL is between 17:00 hrs and 22:00 hrs; 3. LATE ARRIVAL AFTER 22:00 hrs - you MUST call us to pre-arrange. A small fee is payable, per person. Arrivals after 23:00 hrs will be refused entry and any payment forfeit. LATE TRAIN ARRIVALS - guests should retain their train tickets for a refund of the Late Arrival charge; 4. SECURITY - hostel access is by door-code issued on arrival and a bedroom smart key-card or code is provided. Lockers can be rented for laptops, valuables, etc; NOTE: The lead booker will be required to provide PHOTO ID matching the name on the booking, without which access will be denied. Staff are resident on the premises overnight. 5. DEPARTURE is from Early to 10:00 hrs when the hostel closes for Cleaning. If planning early departure please arrange with hostel staff when you arrive; 6. BREAKFAST, if not already included in the price, is available and can be purchased on Arrival. It is provided from Early until 9.30 am daily. It is DIY Self-Serve and guests must tidy and wash up afterwards. Guests are also welcome to prepare their own food in the self-catering kitchen during Reception hours; 7. PAYMENTS: Cash is not accepted for payment, except from walk-ins, for breakfast or for sundry items. Payments by the following cards: Visa Debit / Delta, Visa Credit, Maestro/Switch, MasterCard. Card payments are accepted only for purchases over £5. Guests will be charged in advance 50% of the (total) balance due once booked and this is non-refundable. The total balance due will be PROCESSED AUTOMATICALLY 14 DAYS PRIOR TO ARRIVAL. Non-payment will result in cancellation, so card details must be kept up to date. Groups of 8 or more guests - full payment is required 28 days prior to Arrival. Bookings made on a discounted Non-refundable basis are processed 100% at the time of reservation. 8. CANCELLATION: Cancellations must be supported in writing or by email. The following Cancellation terms apply (Groups see below). NOTE: If accommodation is reserved on a Non-Refundable basis, no refund shall be due; however if the cancelled accommodation is re-sold then a partial repayment may be made, at our sole discretion. DIRECT BOOKINGS: Guests will be charged 50% of the total fee if they cancel after reservation and the total price if they cancel in the 14 days before arrival. Does not apply to non-refundable bookings. BOOKING. COM: The guest will be charged 50% of the total price if they cancel after reservation and the total price if they cancel in the 14 days before arrival. Guests MUST also cancel through Booking. com. Does not apply to non-refundable bookings. HOSTELWORLD: The guest will be charged 50% of the total fee if they cancel after reservation and the total price if they cancel in the 14 days before arrival. Does not apply to non-refundable bookings. OTHER AGENCIES: Please refer to Agency Confirmation We reserve the right to cancel a booking if card details are invalid, if the payment card is declined due to insufficient funds, or card expiry. Should we have to cancel a booking due to circumstances occurring beyond our control, e.g. fire, flood, prolonged loss of power supply, etc we shall award a full refund, but shall not be liable for any consequential loss incurred; 9. GROUP CANCELLATION - A minimum 50% Cancellation Fee shall apply (usually the Deposit charge paid). In the event it has not been possible to automatically process the balance payment or if a balance payment is not received on the due date the booking will be cancelled, and all monies paid and group concessions will be forfeit. Subsequent re-instatement of a Group Booking will be at prevailing rates. If Group numbers are reduced or a booking is cancelled within 28 days prior to the day of arrival no refund is payable. Groups may be requested to pay a refundable security deposit/good behaviour deposit of up to £20 per person before their stay; 10. MODIFICATIONS: These are accepted only at our discretion. Additions shall require a new booking request to be submitted online. If numbers are to be reduced, cancellation fees shall be applied to cancelled beds/guests. If a date change is required the original booking must first be cancelled, when deposit fees shall be retained. A new booking must then be submitted. Deposit fees may not be credited to a new booking. 11. SMOKING: Guests may smoke outside only, away from the building. Guests found smoking in any building or outhouse will be required to leave the premises without further recourse or refund of fees; 12. BEHAVIOUR: We are a hostel for walkers, climbers, outdoor enthusiasts and backpackers. We do not accept Hen or Stag parties, Workers, nor Children under 5 years. We really don't mind you having a few drinks, but if you expect to become heavily intoxicated with alcohol please let us know so we can redirect you elsewhere. For the convenience of sleeping guests we operate a 'NO NOISE' policy between 22:00 hrs and 07:00 hrs. Guests who flout this requirement regretfully may be asked to leave immediately with no refund of fees; 13. SHARED SELF-CATERING & DINING FACILITIES: Guests using these faculties are expected to clean up afterwards and be respectful of other guests. Cooking facilities may not be used after 22:00 hrs or after 10:00 hrs. 14. LOST KEYS - a charge of GBP5.00 will be made for any key lost or not returned, and will be charged from the payment card;
Banavie, Fort William, PH33 7LZ, United Kingdom